I have two teams that I work with through out the year. The guys that take care of my work on the Golf Course and the guys that give me huge amounts of support off the Course. Listed below are the people that I owe a great deal to.

Golf Team

Mental Game Coach – David Woolley
David worked with me through my teenage years and through my progression as an amateur all the way till England “Elite” Squad. After a year working away from him before resuming usual business late 2016. Very glad to have David back on board and looking forward to hitting our Goals for 2017.

Swing Coach – Graham Walker
I started working with Graham through my days in England Squad. I would class him as the best wedge/short game teacher I’ve ever come across. Although I don’t see Graham too much, I am always in contact over the phone and via Videos. My swing has undergone some changes through season of 2016 but I feel confident in what we are doing and can already see results in whats to come.

Physical Trainer – Andrew Wilson (Forma Exercise)
Andy and I have been working on and off for the past 2 years. Mainly during the off season but we have plans to try incorporate some progression through out the season as well. Since being with Andy I have noticed increased stamina and core strength which works hand in hand with my swing.

Support Team

Mentors – Brian Underwood , Neil Williamson, Jeremy Allen

Brian – Now going into the 6th year of being on board with me, Brian has been an incredible support and without him none of this would be possible. He gave me my lifeline at a time that I really needed it. Over the years Brian has been not only there for guidance but as a best friend and for what opportunity I’ve been given, I can’t thank him enough.

Neil – After winning both Lytham Trophy and Berkhamsted trophy in the same year as an amateur Neil has been invaluable with guidance and knowledge over the past couple of seasons. As well as guidance for on course, Neil has given me tools for of the course and how to market myself as a brand. Another icon that I can’t thank enough.

Jeremy – Jez has been a sponsor of mine for the past 3 years. He works closely with King’s Lynn Golf Club as PR head. Not only has he helped out with my Annual Golf Day, Jez is always there as key supporter off the Golf Course. He always seems to be the watchful eye over and the support I receive is nothing un-noticed. Although he leads a very busy work life, he somehow manages to find the time for me. Thank you Jez!